Recent Ordinances

Village of Burnham – Recent Ordinances

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2020 Ordinances

Ordinance 2020-O-002 Sale of 14512 Torrence

Ordinance 2020-O-001 Revised Water Rates

2019 Ordinances

Ordinance 2019-O-009 Tax Levy

Ordinance 2019-O-008 Comcast Agreement

Ordinance 2019-O-007 Prohibition of Recreational Cannabis Business

Ordinance 2019-O-006 Salary

Ordinance 2019-O-005 Appropriations-Stamped

Ordinance 2019-O-004- Disposal of Vehicles

Ordinance 2019-0-003 Exempt Village Stickers for Senior Citizens and Veterans

Ordinance 2019-0-002 Term Limits for Elected Officials

Ordinance 2019-0-001 Mr. Bult’s Right-of-way

2018 Ordinances

Ordinance 2018-0-011 Tax Levy

Ordinance 2018-O-009 Sale of 14512 Torrence

Ordinance 2018-O-001 Revised Water Rate

Ordinance 2018-O-002 Revised Sewer Rate

Ordinance 2018-O-003 IEPA Agreement

Ordinance 2018-O-004 Motor Vehicle Wheel Tax

Ordinance 2018-O-005 Appropriations for Corporate Purposes

Ordinance 2018-O-006 Police Department Emergency Hiring

Ordinance 2018-O-007 Salary of Village of Burnham Employees

Ordinance 2018-O-008 Small Wireless Facilities

2017 Ordinances

Amended Sewer Rate 2017-O-012

Ordinance 2017-O-011

Ordinance 2017-O-010 Salary Corrected

Ordinance 2017-O-009 Canabis

Ordinance 2017-O-008 Loan Agreement

Ordinance 2017-O-007 Sewer rate

Ordinance 2017-O-006 Water rate

Ordinance 2017-O-005 Amending Probationary Police

Ordinance 2017-O-004

Ordinance 2017-O-003 Opt out

Stamped Ordinance 2017-O-002 Appropriations

Ordinance 2017-O-001-Reducing the liquor license

2016 Ordinances

Ordinance 2016-O-009

Ordinance 2016-O-008

Ordinance 2016-O-007 Levy

Ordinance 2016-O-006- Cross Connection

Ordinance 2016-O-005 Amended Salary

Ordinance 2016-O-002 Appropriation

Ordinance 2016-O-003

Ordinance 2016-O-004

2015 Ordinances

Ordinance 2015-O-001 amend liquor license

Ordinance 2015-O-002

Ordinance 2015-O-003 

Ordinance 2015-O-004

Ordinance 2015-O-005

Ordinance 2015-O-006

Ordinance 2015-O-008

Ordinance 2015-O-009

Resolution 2015-R-010

2014 Ordinances

Ordinance 2014-0-001

Ordinance 2014-0-002

Ordinance 2014-0-003

Ordinance 2014-0-004

Ordinance 2014-0-005

Ordinance 2014-0-006

Ordinance 2014-0-007

Ordinance 2014-0-008

Ordinance 2014-0-009

2013 Ordinances

Ordinance 2013-0-001

Ordinance 2013-0-002

Ordinance 2013-0-003

Ordinance 2013-0-004

Ordinance 2013-0-005

Ordinance 2013-0-006

Ordinance 2013-0-007

Ordinance 2013-0-008

Ordinance 2013-0-009

2012 Ordinances

Ordinance 2012-0-002

Ordinance 2012-0-006

Ordinance 2012-0-006 (2)